Sophomore Week Slump

It was a silent second week here on the Plaid and Paisley blog. This was not by design. It was just one of those weeks that takes it out of you. A smattering of what happened last week: baby gave up naps, we parents started sleep training, sister ended up in ICU (is OK-ish now), I got some devastating professional news pertaining to the work I did prior to having a baby, the air conditioner went out, the fridge/freezer died leaving us without fresh food and putting all my breast milk stash in peril, my chronic neck/shoulder strain escalated to the point that my physical therapist said it’s the worst she’s seen and I should be in traction three times a week, the HVAC repair guys showed up unannounced during one of baby’s only naps and woke him up, husband got frustrating professional news, and I dropped my phone and it shattered.

So. That was some of last week!

I guess blog etiquette says you aren’t supposed to blog about anything personal at least until the point where you have a well-established fan base and readership. Oops. I am not so good at etiquette, though I prefer to reframe that as keeping things real. I do not really expect anyone to read this post, but I appreciate when the quilt bloggers I follow keep it real, so here I am, in my quiet little corner of the internet, doing what I do, thankful that sometimes babies do nap and broken things can be repaired or replaced and people do get better and when all else fails, there’s a husband who will binge-watch Girls with me over beer and pizza. And there are cats.



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