Slowing Down

Sometimes after a hectic week, it’s nice to slow down a bit. Or so I hear, from all the quilt bloggers who love hand sewing. Once again, I’m trying something new to me. It’s amazing how even with my 8.5 quilts and two little baskets to my name (“I am 25.5 years old”)*, every new project has many new and challenging elements. It’s challenging. It’s good. And I actually am finding some hand-sewing to be relatively painless and meditative.

hand sewing

Here I am, working away at the Great Green Granny Top. I have never hand-stitched anything before, and certainly never done a blind stitch. But I found this tutorial at Quilt Taffy (from 2008!). Bless the Internet. Sometimes I fancy myself a self-taught quilter and sewist, but the truth is, the lovely people of the web have taught me all I know.

Am I totally alone in finding these great 1960s/1970s fabrics absolutely delicious? I do consider myself a modern quilter, but I don’t think that has to exclude a love of vintage.

*I am not 25.5. Or rather I am, and then some. This is a reference to the wonderful terribleness that is Girls.


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