Whole Lotta Knotta

I was really hoping to have a finish to share today, but progress is slow on hand-tying the Great Green Granny Quilt. I am learning a ton, though. Like pay more attention to the quilting requirement of your batting if you don’t want to tie 672 knots. 

Good news is, progress is coming along and I do feel like I’m actually getting close. And I love how it looks. Animals seem to love how it feels, as they’re constantly snuggling up in it if I set it down for even a moment. 

16-Patch Tutorial

16-Patch Tutorial from Beth McQ on Vimeo.

It’s Amateur Hour* here at Plaid & Paisley! Why should the blind not lead the blind? If you can’t do, teach! This is a very basic tutorial I put together for my mother-in-law, who is a talented and experienced sewist of clothes, but has never quilted and wants to learn. I go over the basics of making a 16-patch block, something I had never done until making this video — and my inexperience shows in the final block. It’s OK, but slightly under-sized (UGH PERFECT SEAM ALLOWANCES WHY DO ARE YOU SO ELUSIVE), so I won’t use it for the final quilt, but it should do to get Ev started on her squares. Which I expect to be perfect. See: many years of experience sewing. Also: math teacher.

*Keepin’ it real: every hour is amateur hour here at Plaid & Paisley! Did you see I missed a key step? I think it’s easy enough to figure out, but I did not include the step of sewing the first checked strips into pairs.

Most Amateur Quilter Ever to Start Blog

I’m trying to #humblebrag, but I’m afraid I’m doing it wrong. Here are the things I know:

  • Making quilts is challenging, but I love a good challenge.
  • I love colors, design, and pattern within quilts.
  • I value diversity in quilting. It’s important who makes the quilts and the stories they tell. I think it’s important to appreciate stories of the past and other cultures, but to continue make sure we tell our own story.
  • This doesn’t mean I don’t copy the greats. But I try to mostly copy those who encourage copying, or the standards that are so standard they don’t belong to anyone anymore. All quilting is copying, really.
  • So far, I’m better at thinking about quilts than actually making them.

That’s it for now!