Back in the Saddle

You know what they say happens when you’re busy making other plans? The baby has a sleep regression, you have an unexpected surgery followed by a major illness, the husband has to work out of town so you scramble to take care of things on your own, travel plans get rearranged (and re-rearranged), and, unfortunately, not much sewing or blogging happens. Passion, creativity, and self-confidence all wane.

That’s how the saying goes, right?

I wish I had pushed myself to write a bit more over the past few weeks. I’m not sure (because, are we ever?) but I think I’m making it to the other side of this period of chaos. I have some posts planned (and many quilt ideas swirling about!) and hope to get to them soon. First this one, just to talk myself into getting back on the horse.

As a tiny and non-quilt-related delight, I’ll wrap with this: I’ve fallen back in love with a childhood favorite: black-eyed Susan cookies. I’ve also seen them called brown-eyed Susans, fudge thumbprints, and just Susan cookies. One of the fun things about having a hectic month is that we did lots of store-bought food. My two nearest groceries each sell a version of this cookie.

The one on the left has the perfect cookie texture and taste, but is a bit big. The one on the right has the perfect fudge and cookie to fudge ratio, but the cookie is a bit dry. I’m itching to find enough time to test out this recipe and see if I can strike a perfect balance between the two. Because cookies are what happens in my world when life tries to make other plans for me.