Five Things Friday

I wanted to participate in Five Things Friday last week. I didn’t quite get it together. This week I’m juuuuuuuust sneaking in right at the end of day. Wanting to participate in this has helped me be more mindful of the quiet moments in life that bring me true life, in the midst of a lot of upheaval and chaos. I’m making my own list and adding pictures.

1) Road trip sunrises

2) Peonies & candies

3) Kiddo’s early crawling attempts

4) Vintage nerd-game time with family

5) Amazing vintage wallpaper collections

What’s making you happy? Head to Gypsy Moon’s link-up to discover more happiness or share your own.


2016 NQB Recap

This week’s recap post has taken me a little extra time to produce — apologies! — both because I am part of it and because I am beholden to the vicissitudes of parenting a 7-month-old. I know many people parent babies full-time and sew and blog daily (and exercise and eat healthy and also get 8 hours of sleep a night), and to them I say, “kudos, you are doing an amazing job!” And to myself I say, “I get another glass of wine later for every time I say that.” Yesssssss.

Sorry, I got distracted! The point of this post is that this week’s quilters are a group of outstanding veterans… and yours truly. Seriously, you’ll flip when you hear about how talented these quilters are. Check out their posts!

Carole Lyles Shaw has been doing modern quilting since before modern quilting was a thing! Her colors are bold and beautiful, she does amazing improvisational work (including CURVES!) and she’s got one book out and one on the way. She also has a give-away going on right now, so check it out!

Anne at Said With Love is an Aussie quilter with a love of text fabrics. Her quilts are bright and cheerful, and she’s working to make a quilt for every member of her family. Guys, her workspace is INCREDIBLE. She’s got a smart-looking blog with great photography!

Speaking of workspaces, also be sure to stop by Jennifer at RV Quilting. Yup, you read that right — RV quilting! She does an amazing job of quilting on the road and has tons of great quilts to show. I especially ┬álove one made of recycled men’s shirts, and a modern mini drunkard’s path moonscape that you just have to see to appreciate.

It has been so fun already discovering so many new, amazing quilters. One of the things I have found to be difficult is that I usually cannot comment on blogs that are not on WordPress, so I’ve been posting these recaps to at least throw a link to my fellow blog-hoppers. As always, thanks to our inimitable host, Yvonne at Quilting JetGirl. Great giveaways again this week, so check out her post.